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Business class flights ensure that you have all luxuries even when you are airborne. And popular airlines business class tickets are getting better and more affordable. We at Skylux Travel also strive to make your business class travel as cheap as possible with our trending discount business class flight deals and offers. In fact, at times we should treat ourselves in royal style and avail enjoy business class travel, be it work or the much-awaited family trip. After all, we all deserve a bit of luxury from time to time and travel is one such opportunity, which let us travel in style with top comforts and amenities.

A recent release by Google re-confirmed a historically well-known fact when it comes to finding cheap business as well economy class flights that weekdays are the best time to book. “Google once again found that it is cheaper to fly in the middle of the week Sundays, in particular. The study also found that on average, flights that depart on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday have been 12% cheaper than weekend departures.”

Book Cheap Business Class Flights to Experience:

– Priority Check-In:
If you do not like queues then experiencing business class priority check-in will delight you.

– Additional Baggage Allowance:
Though additional baggage allowance varies from airline to airline nonetheless business class flights will ensure that you do get more baggage allowance.

– Business Class Lounge:
– Well, who will not like the bonhomie of Business Class Lounge with varieties of meals and a lot of infotainment options? All business class ticket holders enjoy all the facilities business class lounge at all international and domestic airports.

– First to board:
Whenever the crew is ready, business class travelers will be the first they call, which means no more queueing for business class fliers, unlike economy class fliers.



Business Class Interesting Facts for Flights from The USA

Most preferred Airlines: United Airlines, American Airlines, Air India, Turkish Airlines
Most Preferred Countries: India, United Kingdom, Italy, France.
Most Preferred Destination Cities: Delhi, Mumbai, London, Paris
Top Departure City: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco

How to find cheap business class flights?

The best way is to speak to a travel agent. Ask for the info on the latest offers and deals on airlines business class.

How to book discounted business class flights?

True, a business class flight fare can cost you a bomb. However, there are times and occasions when airlines come up with flight deals that can make your seemingly high price ticket a low-cost business class ticket. All you do is regularly keep an eye on such airlines’ business class promos and book whenever the price is in your budget. Being watchful is the key.

How to get first class flight deals?

The best way to book a first class flight is to sign up for airlines or OTA newsletter because that’s one of the tried and tested ways to ensure that you are getting all special promos right in your inbox. Because all of us check emails at least once in a while and if you have your ticket information in your email then there are high chances that it will catch your eyes. Another way to ensure that you do not miss first-class promos is to download your favorite airline’s app and enable notification to get airfares promos even on the go. After all, we do check our notification umpteen number of times in a day.

Be loyal and travel for less:

We must be aware that if you are a frequent traveler and fly with one or two favorite airlines then you get points, as a loyalty bonus, against each flight ticket. And these points can be redeemed from time to time and the same can reduce the cost of your first-class ticket. After all, loyalty has its own rewards. What do you say?

Make it your goal:

Well, despite all the above said points - how to book cheap first-class flights, which are kind of hack secrets. You should also aim and make it a goal to travel and experience first-class user experience. After all, we do deserve to treat ourselves in king’s style, ah, now and then.

One more hack:

You can share your travel preferences, ideally your route details and expected date of travel, with us and we will get in touch with you with discounted first-class flight tickets, which will make your first-class travel super cheap.

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