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Popular airlines offering best business class flights to Beijing:

Airline Business Class USPs Estimated Average Fare
KLM World Business Class, Full-flat seats, Privacy canopy, Personal entertainment system, In-seat power, Quality dining $3000 – $5000
Lufthansa Flat-bed seats, Direct aisle access, Wide selection of entertainment, Gourmet dining, Access to airport lounges $3500 – $5500
British Airways Club World Class, Flat-bed seats, Direct aisle access, Premium dining, Access to luxurious lounges, Generous baggage allowance $4000 – $6000
United Airways United Polaris Business Class, 180-degree flat-bed seat, Individual suite, Wide range of entertainment, Gourmet meals, Premier access travel services $3500 – $5500
American Airlines Lie-flat seats on long-haul flights, Comprehensive in-flight entertainment system, Premium dining, Priority check-in, security, and boarding $3500 – $5500
Qatar Airways Qsuite Business Class, Private individual suites, On-demand dining, Over 4000 entertainment options, Access to premium lounges $4000 – $7000
Virgin Atlantic Upper Class, Flat-bed seats, In-flight bar, Premium dining, Comprehensive entertainment system, Access to Clubhouse lounges $3500 – $6000
Turkish Airways Fully lie-flat seats, Gourmet meals, Vast entertainment system, Access to Turkish Airlines Lounge $3000 – $5000
Etihad Airlines Customisable seat that converts into a bed, Dine anytime service, Hundreds of hours of on-demand entertainment, Access to premium lounges $4000 – $7000

Please note, these are just estimated prices and can vary greatly based on the time of booking, the demand, the season of travel, and the route taken. For the most accurate fares, it’s best to check with the airlines or booking platforms directly.

Choosing first-class flights to Beijing isn’t merely about luxury, it’s about making a smart choice for an excellent travel experience. What’s more, it’s not as expensive as you might believe. With available travel deals, effective use of your travel reward points, and clever negotiation, you can secure a first-class ticket at a price similar to that of an economy fare. So, for your next trip to Beijing, why not indulge in the elevated comfort of first-class?

Enjoy the Business Class Experience to Beijing

Taking a business class flight to Beijing can turn your journey into a splendid experience. Irrespective of budget constraints, everyone would appreciate the chance to indulge in a first-class flight to Beijing, even if just once in a while. It’s an experience certainly worth having.

Bagging Economical Business Class Flights to Beijing

There’s nothing quite like securing a high-end business class seat at a discounted price for your flight to Beijing. Savings are always welcomed, more so when it comes to luxury travel. Many leading airlines like Lufthansa, Ethiad, Qatar Airways, and Virgin Atlantic offer affordable business class flights throughout the year. We’re here to help savvy travelers like you find cheap business class tickets, enabling significant savings each time you choose to fly first-class.

Premium Air Travel to Beijing with Global Airlines

We work in close association with numerous leading global airlines, helping you secure cheap business class tickets to Beijing. Some of these airlines include:

  • KLM
  • Lufthansa
  • British Airways
  • United Airways
  • American Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Turkish Airways

In addition to these, we offer first-class flights to Beijing from a myriad of other airlines. All you need to do is ask, and we’ll assist you with our business class deals, ensuring you receive the best available prices from top airlines.

Uncovering Affordable Business Class Flights to Beijing

To find these enticing deals, you need to be an active deal hunter. Regularly check the luxury flight offers from leading airlines, stay alert for sales offering discounted first-class tickets, and be aware of seasonal promotions. Consider subscribing to a business class newsletter to receive all the promo info directly into your inbox.

Ways to Secure Discounted Business Class Tickets

Securing a discount on business class flights to Beijing can be achieved through various means. You can utilize your loyalty points or snatch up a holiday offer. Another effective way is to negotiate with a travel agent who can help you uncover the best sales offer for your luxury flight.


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