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Etihad Airways’ business class experience is par excellence. Over the years Etihad Airways’ first-class flights have redefined class and comfort and those who have experienced these said 1st flights vouch for its unmatched comfort and rich experience.  And, believe me, business class of Etihad Airways is not as costly as it may seem in the first place. In fact, if you play smart then it is relatively cheap to book a first class of Etihad Airways.

True, in covid times there were fewer takers of business class flights but as the virus fades away the demand to experience and enjoy the comforts of first-class travel is on the rise.

And why not. We all want to be treated as the king, at least now and then. Speak to any Etihad Airways traveler and he will say that his experience with its first-class flights is really wonderful and they plan to enjoy the same experience in near future. Etihad Airways is always one of the most preferred airlines of many. And now it offers 100s from the USA to numerous global destinations.

Etihad business class tickets cost:
Depending on the location of the destination the cost of Etihad Airways may vary from a few hundred to several thousand USD. For instance, you might be seeing an average price of nearly $1500 on this page but it may change once you fill in your departure and arrival airport details.

Business Studios is the name of Etihad’s Business Class cabin which offers more room to relax and ensures a comfortable flight.

Etihad Onboard  Meals:
Airlines offer traditional Emirati delicacies and destination-based meals.

Amenity kits:
It contains an eye mask, ear plugs, luxurious socks and a fresh fragrance. A shaving kit and comb are also available on request.

Inflight entertainment: 
On-demand movies or TV shows, playlists, podcasts and radio channels. And interactive games on E-BOX!

Onboard Wi-Fi:
High-speed internet to ensure that your work and family connect do not suffer.

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