U.S. Airlines Increase Up Checked Baggage Fees: More Hikes Possible? 

Several major U.S. airlines have quietly upped their checked baggage fees in recent months, starting with Alaska Airlines in January. JetBlue, American Airlines, and United Airlines have since followed suit. While the initial increases are modest, typically around $5 per bag, a travel expert warns they might not be the last.

Here’s a breakdown of the new fees for each airline:

  • Alaska Airlines: First bag – $35 (up $5), Second bag – $45 (up $5).
  • American Airlines: First bag – $35 or more (up from $30), Second bag – $45 (applicable to various regions including U.S., Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, and Guyana)
  • JetBlue Airways: First bag – $35 (prepaid), $45-$60 (within 24 hours of departure), Second bag – $45 (prepaid), $45-$60 (within 24 hours of departure)
  • United Airlines: First bag – $40 (airport check-in), $35 (prepaid), Second bag – $50 (airport check-in), $45 (prepaid)
  • WestJet: First bag – $35-$55 (varies by payment timing), Second bag – $55-$75 (varies by payment timing) (increased by $5 across the board)

Are more hikes possible and will more airlines follow suit? Well, we will keep you posted.

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