7 Unique Points on Air India Business Class Flights

While many airlines offer business class experiences, Air India stands out with some unique features that cater to a specific clientele. Here are 7 unique points to consider:

  1. Strong focus on Indian Culture: Air India offers a taste of India onboard. Expect delicious Indian cuisine with regional specialties, traditional Indian hospitality from the cabin crew, and potentially even Hindi movie options in the inflight entertainment system.

  2. Extensive Network within India: Air India boasts a large domestic network within India, connecting major and minor cities. This can be particularly beneficial for business travelers needing to reach various destinations within the country.

  3. Maharaja Lounge Access: Business class passengers enjoy access to the exclusive Maharaja Lounges at select airports. These lounges offer a haven of comfort and luxury, featuring amenities like comfortable seating, a wide selection of food and beverages, dedicated workspaces, and relaxation areas.

  4. Emphasis on Ayurveda: Some Air India flights, particularly on longer routes, might offer passengers amenities inspired by Ayurveda, India’s traditional holistic healing system. Think relaxation kits with essential oils, herbal teas, or even guided meditation sessions.

  5. Variety in Business Class Products: Air India offers different business class seating options depending on the aircraft type. This can range from standard lie-flat seats to more luxurious options like pods with increased privacy and amenities.

  6. Potential Cost-Effectiveness: While not always the case, Air India business class can sometimes be a more affordable option compared to other airlines on certain routes, particularly those to and from India. This can be a great way to experience business class without breaking the bank.

  7. Fleet Modernization: Air India is undergoing a fleet modernization program, gradually introducing newer aircraft with more advanced in-flight entertainment systems, improved cabin comfort features, and potentially even enhanced business class seating options.

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