Latest Business Class Flight Routes – Jan. 14.

Here’s the revised bar chart with the corrected popularity rankings for the flight routes. This chart accurately reflects the original data:

  1. Corrected Popularity Index: The X-axis now shows the ‘Corrected Popularity Index’ where the number 1 represents the most popular route based on the search volume, and higher numbers indicate decreasing popularity.
  2. Flight Routes: On the Y-axis, the flight routes are listed, with ‘LAX-TYO’ at the top, indicating it as the most popular route, followed by ‘NYC-BOM’ as the second most popular, and so on.
  3. Visual Representation: The descending order from top to bottom accurately reflects each route’s popularity, with the bars colored blue for clear visibility.
  4. Most Popular Route: ‘LAX-TYO’ is at the top of the chart, signifying its status as the most searched (and thus most popular) route in the dataset.

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